“What if”

The most favorite part of this post would the various types of “what if” ! Oh no, I have just started, you have to take a look to my “what ifs” ! 😂

Here we gooooo! Let’s get started ! 😂

1. What if I shave my other eyebrow! Will it grow back the same? 😹

2. Uh oh! What if I wake up next morning as a man! Ahem ! Ahem ! It would be very hard to wake up first of all! Other things come later! Pardon me! Just being feminine! 😂

3. What if I color my hair red! Would I look like maybe half sister of Heath ledger? Hmmm! It could be ! 😂

4. What if I can’t cook anything and die of hunger! Coz obviously girls are diet freak, I’m too! Even though it doesn’t look like, But I am ! 😂

5. What if I wake up as *The Great Khaleesi* 😍😍 ! I’m sure every girl envy Emilia Clarke, Whether real or reel! ❤😍

6. What if I eat Nutella for whole my life! My blood group would change to N+ ! 😍😍😍😍

Okay, enough that’s all! Some of my pre sleep “what ifs” !! Last two are my fav btw! ❤

Comment and share any of your “what ifs”

Serious or stupid ones! 😁✌

Lowveeee lowvvveee! ❤❤

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