Short hair

2 years to decide if I should keep long hair or not! But one day woke up, went out with my friend and just chopped them off and never regretted it till day!

Ever wondered? How come you never regret these sudden decisions, whether to change the way you look, the you dress up, or anything you want to?

Just because, you don’t care about anyone! That’s right! Coz it’s your decision!

You’re not important to anyone, but to yourself! And this happens when you clear your mind from every dilemma and negativity!

So here’s to everyone, whoever is in a dilemma! Just do whatever is good for you! And, heyyy! Remember always, You’re capable of thinking right for yourself!

In the very, next post I’ll be Sharing my picture with long hair!

Till then! Lowwvvvveee! 💟

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